Telaphen//Akua Lezli Hope

Not indifferent to death

is not traitorous

is not casual about loss

does not make war

is not small


does not kill without reason

does not flee the now

does not discard the smell of the beloved

does not dismiss the sound of the beloved

does not abandon its children

does not stop learning


is not ocean

is not rain

is not mountain

is not plain

is not cloud

is not sky

has no wings

does not fly

does not nest

is not light


does not eat meat

does not lie

does not build

does not fear night


is not red, yellow or blue

nor purple, orange or green

does not hoard

does not steal


does not forget the whip

nor the caress

is not limited by ears to hear

does not have hands or paws

does not walk flatfooted


is not weak

does not forget the sojourn

nor the water source

A creator and wisdom seeker who uses sound, words, fiber, glass, and metal to create poems, patterns, sculpture, stories, music, adornments and peace, Akua Lezli Hope’s collection Them Gone was published by The Word Works. Her poems “Montserrat” and “Awaiting Your Return (for Jamal Kashoggi)” were nominated for the Pushcart Prize.