beldam? bedlam?//Hal Y. Zhang

i see you inside every light the creature still lurks, and should it really batter in or out, a mere half meter change in the exs coordinate. the doctor is ready with the copper drum, the water spins out of our heads. who’s to say


agitated incoherent administer saline


i think i’m in love with the tubes. north from the echoes the bad man comes yet i play in the farce, first-row tickets, pound the marimba like wood ice and unsing in threes


calmer heartrate normal smiling?


o give me the mercy of forgetting, byways and relays alike, paucity of all the peaces to the wind. mourn not for the hitters, the sinners and dimmers. they know not what they had with us on the straw roofs. by the prick of fern so soft so dark


heartrate increasing again advise psilocybin


dusk fell beyond the threadthin fences, you stood there hand untied. say it. strike me blind five ways. keep the iron


heartrate alert heartrate alert heartrate alert


rhythms. this is all we have. all we shall be. all we shall be.

Hal Y. Zhang talks to machines during the day and herself at night. She writes it down at