Of Light//Innas Tsuroiya

Talk about shadow, the somber tone.

Of how daytime can be frightening

apart from the beaming. I love the way
trees look like they have a body double from

afar. Someday it will just be cinder,

fire after fire. Not all sparks are friendly.

Why are we like this, you may ask,

while keeping yourself together in the sea

of light. There is that spectrum

of color, of rainbow, emerging from heads,

signaling the outside world about what

kind of person you are. Some call it aura

and I sort of object, but I keep silent.

My head spins from trying to memorize

299,792,458 meters per second but, my

God, we are finally here, tasting like radiance.

Innas Tsuroiya is a writer and poet living in Indonesia. Her essays and poems can be found in Full Stop, The Fanzine, FLAPPERHOUSE, Bird’s Thumb, This Recording, Leste Magazine, Liminality, TRACK//FOUR, Argot Magazine, and elsewhere. She is @festivegrave on Twitter and Instagram.