How to Last, Pt. II//Innas Tsuroiya

Map the places where all crows show / this should be some kind of standardized way to identify which regime to overthrow. Your home as a secret place for informal pedagogy: how to cultivate & to farm & to harvest & to fish & to milk & to try defeating the weather. I do not recommend pampering when in shortage / however breeding is optional. On open streets felines could be deadly & gnawing animals deadlier, albeit minuscule. On festive feasts & shiny platters: always watch out for every portion.

Innas Tsuroiya is a writer and poet living in Indonesia. Her essays and poems can be found in Full Stop, The Fanzine, FLAPPERHOUSE, Bird’s Thumb, This Recording, Leste Magazine, Liminality, TRACK//FOUR, Argot Magazine, and elsewhere. She is @festivegrave on Twitter and Instagram.