How to Last, Pt. I//Innas Tsuroiya

Nothing much except proper breaths: inhale & resist the temptation of early release & then exhale. Breath is both a gateway & a witness / to living & of your life. No longer a baby but your head is still a soft spot — so love your skull, imagine your remains not decomposing. Familiarize your body with that of water: how to drink & how to cleanse & how to avoid drowning. Sometimes you trust neither sorcery nor science / attempt on rapid eye movement sleep — how the bereaved first found solace in mundanity.

Innas Tsuroiya is a writer and poet living in Indonesia. Her essays and poems can be found in Full Stop, The Fanzine, FLAPPERHOUSE, Bird’s Thumb, This Recording, Leste Magazine, Liminality, TRACK//FOUR, Argot Magazine, and elsewhere. She is @festivegrave on Twitter and Instagram.