étude op. 8, no. 4 (eight piano voicings of horse)//makalani bandele

the many equus path of russet

the feral memory takes

                                     through the blood.









emerald in gait.










                                    wildest ever;

                     so gently smoothed.













that unknowingly in the mysterious

              soft— fecund auburn.






                              the year of the white mare,

rye and vermouth with riders

                      she trusts.






nod untypically

with adante, the reins of direction,

uneven, even juxtaposed.










       how is this moon so super,

and so easily in sagittarius, as if one being      

with the cloud it’s riding?                   










    some pannonica then,

     flattens back the cravings

in full gallop away.

makalani bandele has received fellowships from the Kentucky Arts Council, Cave Canem, Vermont Studio Center, and Millay Colony for the Arts. His work has been published in several anthologies, and in many in-print and online literary journals. He is the author of one book of poems, hellfightin’. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.