gigan: epistle to neptune//makalani bandele

the contours within the breaks is auricular to the point

of being a five-note anemone to end the second


phrase going inward like breath circling— dear desire to

drown myself every day, dearest king neptune, you can’t do me

no harm like light fingers of moon on the water for sound-


check: where is the piano in the sea? taken to the water

a tone more varied inward searching mute going inward, deeper


than a bite, this deep, in the deep, explore how deep

is lowdown and what color is bottom. that curved timing


is sexy on the boundaries and giving the left the right to conjure. the fingers

find and break the contours by ear, concord sharpens the point.


took a pint with me to the water where the piano is in the sea,

laid out, and baptized my subconsciousnesses tightly together

in nuances. now, none but the righteous shall. now, hush sweetly


these other waters, in essence, horizon note, clarity dance of magnificent

ocean depths, epitome in discrete blue, that interval. up out, earl of harlem.

makalani bandele has received fellowships from the Kentucky Arts Council, Cave Canem, Vermont Studio Center, and Millay Colony for the Arts. His work has been published in several anthologies, and in many in-print and online literary journals. He is the author of one book of poems, hellfightin’. You can find him on Twitter and Facebook.