Purchase//Katie Lewington

I have recently begun to worry

about being a doughnut

I’m so fattening

I also worry about the phrase

               guilty pleasure

Am I really guilty

Will I stand trial


I can read the newspapers from here

stand trial, headline titles

Am I a criminal

Am I a bad doughnut


Sprinkled in sugar

I itch

I sneeze

I think I may be allergic to one of my ingredients

I don’t know if I have a line manager

Or a helpline number

I can call for assistance in this matter


I am concerned


I watch everybody else

                   They are chosen

By a thick pair of silver tongs

In even thicker hands


Will I be the remaining doughnut

To go home

Could I be, eventually

A guilty pleasure


there are numerous people

Concentrated faces

I want to attention seek

Bite into me, bite into me!


I am one of the few left


my glass case is bare

Bar, me and a chocolate glazed doughnut

He won’t speak to me

He’s haughty

There’s no point, I inform him

We’re the unwanted


Oh! But

The metal tongs

the opening of the door

I am seized, squeezed

Well, steady on

That pinches


I am put aside in a flimsy plastic carrier bag

The view is misty

The floor sways below me

               I am trapped

Now I begin to feel afraid

Where the heck am I going


With a great deal of shoving and shifting and dumping


I am in a  room of plastic

With handles protruding

There is a sleek silver swan

dripping into a great divide

And a box with a hollow hole

Right in the middle of it like my own

   It is spinning

    mine doesn’t


I am grateful for the rest


And I shake my sugar

Anticipating what comes next


She is a woman, wearing pink lipstick

It’s the lipstick I remember

Her talons are kind

Her lips bite me

She tears a chunk out of me

And I am smeared

               In her lipstick

If she takes me all

I will phone the police

The murderer


This hurts

Her bites are excruciating

I count ABC

                  5 of them

Between each mouthful


It’s sad watching me go.

Katie Lewington loves her boyfriend, bacon sandwiches, poetry and reality TV.  She reads fiction for The Pithead Chapel Journal and poetry for the Transcending Shadows review. You can read her book reviews here, and more of her poetry here. You can contact her through Twitter @Idontwearahat.