Two Poems//Anna Lea Jancewicz

Tell the Bees




Tell the bees I’ve gone, following the Gulf Stream maybe


or worse           Tell them I forgot which way was up




I listened to “No Aloha” one too many times, or I was


exhausted        by washing my hair and brushing my teeth


maintaining this body like a pet


an animal I never asked for




Tell the bees I never belonged         to anybody but


that buzz   that buzz      Tell them I forgot how to


hum myself to sleep












We Are Very Beautiful



We are very beautiful, standing as we are in


the squalor of namelessness     standing extra quiet & crushed


by the heft of love




You are a pink & new creation


You are a chewer of lightyears &


various moons




I am older than dirt


I am the one who says Look, there is a


stray wish




it is a lost earring back in the carpet


visible only at a certain angle when the light


snags on its curve




You will remember later that my bruises


were shaped like undiscovered continents




I will remember later that your eyelashes


were blackened close to holy

Anna Lea Jancewicz’s flash fiction “Marriage” was chosen for The Best Small Fictions 2015. Follow her on Twitter @AnnaLeaJancewic. Links to work at  Say it: Yahnt-SEV-ich.