Chance Meeting//Clare Harmon

[Redacted] is not a photographer.

He is neither film-maker          nor broker.


He does not own         a parking garage

in the French Quarter.


[Redacted] neither resides

at the Plum Street address       he provides 


for deliveries    nor does he dwell

in a renovation-in-progress on Willow.


He did not seek          

drug and alcohol treatment      far west


near the Redwoods.     And he did not

feel California sand      hot       between his toes.


He has no permanent address              legally

[Redacted]       is homeless.


[Redacted] was not      an Army Ranger          

habitually he does                   not      


carry a 9mm.                [Redacted] can

neither                         neutralize a target       


three fields                   afar      nor      

think    to do    such                 a thing.

Clare Louise Harmon is the author of The Thingbody and If Wishes Were Horses the Poor Would Ride.