From (one of) the Editor(s)//Christina Collins 


Home Editor Christina here, welcoming you to Vol II of Lockjaw Magazine. Saying hello. Saying thank you to our readers, to everyone who sent us work, and especially, of course, to our contributors. Their stories and poems and pictures and unclassifiable bursts of golden glory are the reason this whole thing exists. The reason you’re here right now.


About those glories: when we were about halfway through the process, Field Editor Dave and I noticed that a lot of the work we’d accepted—possibly all of it—involved the body, either directly or in-. We hadn’t set out to do a themed issue (and it’s not something we’re ever planning on) but, in accordance with life’s subtler mysteries, for some reason we had both been drawn to pieces that explored the body—its breakdowns and betrayals, its fragility and strength, at its most sublime and most grotesque. Much of the work in this issue makes the body a monolith and a multitude, uses it to define the world and to push the world away. It’s uncomfortable and intimate and ugly and beautiful.


You know. Like bodies are.


(Of course, since we weren’t searching for this theme it doesn’t necessarily hold true for every piece in the same degree. There are pieces about theoretical physics and dating the undead, about war and celebrity, about the ways people find and keep and grow and suffocate love. There’s a sustained tone across the issue of sorrow, of anger, of hope. There’s fire. Oh yes.)


It has been, as always, a huge honor and pleasure to get to put this journal together. I know you’ll find a lot of things to love here, and thanks for reading. It means a lot.


Yr friend,



from Lockjaw

Personal Anecdote: this issue has impacted me even more than you might expect (if that’s the sort of thing you have expectations about): on the day I was scheduled to begin work on the website for Vol II, I was hit by a car while riding my bike to my day job and fractured a vertebra so severely it had to be replaced with a titanium cage. I spent nearly two weeks in the hospital, and (as of this writing) am still on mandatory bed rest most of the time. Spending so much time with these words and images as I put the website together made the subconscious themes of the body with all its frailty and power intensely resonant. And aside from that, reading so much lovely work, staring at such fantastic images, is a really excellent way to feel better about life, whether you’re spending the summer in bed (not in the fun way) or spending it splashing around in a lake. Point being: this issue helped me heal. Maybe not my actual bones, but there’s always more than bones that need healing. So my intense gratitude goes out again and always to our contributors, for giving me so much more than the opportunity to share these beautiful things.