From the Temple Priapus//Andrew Saavedra





Brother Eamon of Racine Wisconsin passed in autumn, found carried through the Sheboygan to the shore of a Lake Michigan campground. He had hanged himself naked from an iron bridge. When the rope hockled his body crumpled wetly into the ford below. A traveling family met him clean and bloodless beneath a swarm of bees, thrumming like a tuning fork. He’d drive to a rodeo in the plains to be pleased by how a man’s thighs tensed over the back of an animal, how his toes abducted inside his boots; he’d watch the wild frothing of dust bulls kicked up in stampede and collapse broken on the steering wheel.







Andrew Saavedra is the founding editor of Noble / Gas Qtrly. He started this piece in Harrisonburg, VA, 2012, and completed it in Richmond, VA, 2014. He tweets at @a___svdra.