Three Poems//Dalton Day





Concerned But Always




I have seen enough feathers today
to build a bird I have seen
enough mountains today to sew a dress
In response to this I have decided to
stay in the South In the
lightning undoing the windows
We can listen to cellos being played
if one of us knows how to play the cello
But look there are insects to
be afraid of With respect There are
bodies with light in them They are
ours And others And fields too They
make me forget how to spell
things Like mouths Look at those
mouths swarming the porch light I
would but you have shoulders
I think I have them too What a planet
or two What’s at stake here is
pennies because the fountain I’ve built
is done I enjoy listening to it
Almost as much as I enjoy listening
to a voice that belongs to you rise out
of your neck And fly out of your
moth Almost as much but not quite










Wake with the Stitches



I ignored the clouds today Mostly I ignored them But

the tigers I just couldn’t   With their hysterical bodies

wrapped around my ankles Like tigers And again the

insistent  and  faceless  clouds    Can  you  believe  it’s

already September Or that I was once ready to ignore

clouds  I  didn’t  know  what  else  to  do   Except calm

down   Except live for  a  long  long  time   Such a long

time That I can remember the sun What it looked like

when it finally came through   But you wouldn’t know

What kind of animal ever had teeth like that












All the Air




Looking at your digital
face I want you
to look at your digital face


I guess I like impossibilities


I also like clouds &
how full they are with


Show me the science
behind how much
more window I’ve become


these past few hundred


And how gray light shatters
my lonesomeness
with joy


Or bends it
with itself into joy


Is this a song
or is it a blueprint of your
bird face


your uncrushing
dandelion face


your impossible face face


I like glowing
I also like being awesome
I also like being capable


of awe


Which I have no idea
how to be


But you look like you do


Yes I think you do







Dalton Day is a terrified dog person & an editor for FreezeRay Poetry. His work has been featured in Hobart, [PANK], & Banango Street, among others. He is the author of Supernova Factory & the forthcoming Fake Knife. He can be found at and tweets at @lilghosthands.