give us everything//but only when we ask

submissions are currently closed


To begin: we are primarily interested in work from writers and makers of color, queer folx, creators with disabilities, socioeconomic disadvantage, and any and all marginalized groups. Lockjaw is a platform; our priority is providing that platform to artists who are often denied one.


We have an abiding preference for the experimental and postmodern, though we value clarity, coherence, and strong intention (we like weirdness, but usually not solely for its own sake). We’re not generally looking for more traditional genre work, and we’re not currently a home for nonfiction or personal essay. We have a preference for shorter work, though we’re always happy to look at anything you’d like to send us.


Submit up to 5 things as a single Word document; to make it easier for the readers please make it as clear as possible where pieces begin and end (inserting page breaks: the simplest method.) For visual art, submit up to 10 high-resolution .jpg or .png images (please use this method for submitting concrete poetry or other highly visual writing as well). For music or video, please submit between 6-15 minutes (.mp3, .flac, .mov preferred). Please don’t put your name or other identifying information in the body of your submission (but put your last/preferred name in the subject line of your submission email). We do not want bios included with your work (we prefer no cover letter at all), though we will ask you for something if selected for publication. Please spell- and grammar-check your work before sending it to us (we’re not above typos ourselves, but we do require you to do at least minimal proofing of your own work before asking us to consider it for publication). We accept simultaneous submissions.


We are happy to provide personalized feedback (we really are, it’s one of our things) on an opt-in basis. Please let us know that you’d like a personalized response in the body of your submission email.


Submissions go like this: make something you really like, and email it to us ( We’ll take it from there. Please allow up to 3 months for response, though response times are generally much faster. If you submit very close to the deadline, the response time will be longer (so send it earlier.)


Our philosophy could reasonably be summarized as:


We don’t want you to show your work. We want you to show your bones.


Our philosophy could reasonably be summarized as:


We want the things that make you uncertain of who you are.


Our philosophy could reasonably be summarized as:


If you can reasonably summarize it, it’s not worth doing.







send your work to


Lockjaw Magazine is an online journal of indeterminate frequency, though no more than twice a year, including literary ephemera, art, and music.


Submissions are currently closed.


o  LITERARY: up to 5 pieces of poetry, prose, or text/hybrid experiments in a single attachment (.doc or .docx file strongly preferred)//we will ask you to resubmit if you send work in the body of the email as it is incompatible with how we process submissions
o  ART: 5-10 high-quality .jpg or .png images//these can be sent as a link to a Dropbox or Drive folder if they’re very large files
o  MUSIC/VIDEO: 6-15 minutes as a high-quality digital file (.mp3, .flac, .mov, .mp4 preferred)
o  PROJECTS: we’re particularly interested in experimental, interdisciplinary, and/or multimedia work that takes advantage of the online space//we welcome both completed projects and well-developed pitches

We accept simultaneous submissions//please let us know asap if your work is accepted elsewhere
 Please proofread your work before sending it//work with easily-corrected spelling and grammar errors will be sent back with a request for basic cleanup before resubmission

Do not include identifying information in the body of the submission (your attachment)//please include last or preferred name in the email subject line
Please do not submit more than once per reading period//multiple submissions won’t be considered
o  We currently pay $10 to each contributor upon publication//it’s not much, but it’s what we’ve got (we’ve also got a Patreon, if you’d like to help us pay our contributors more)

Please allow us up to 3 months to respond//short inquiries welcome after that



Thank you for your interest in Lockjaw Magazine. We are interested in you.